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PI – as nice to carry as fly

The fun starts on the way up with the PI. One of the world’s lightest glider, rucksack and harness could weigh as little as 3.14 kg. This multitalented wonder takes in the whole scene from “Hike&Fly Pleasure” to “Mountain Intense”.

Other important details

“Hike & Fly Pleasure” area

Stroll up a mountain with some friends for an evening flight, soar at sundown and glide down to the valley as the light fades. Or takeoff from a remote peak for some extended thermaling. This is what you can do in the PI’s lower weight range. Good climbing qualities and notable performance makes this possible.

“Mountain Intense” area

The climb up has already been a genuine challenge. Minimal equipment weight and maximum fun on the way down is the name of the game here. In its upper weight range the small area PI means dynamic flying fun and comfortable agile handling. Alpine soaring and thermaling in spectacular scenery completes this kind of touring experience.

PI Package from 3.14kg

The PI reveals its full potential as part of the right package. The new ADVANCE EASINESS light reversible harness gives you the best weight/comfort compromise for Hike & Fly Pleasure. On the other hand the Mountain Intense option can be put together with minimal equipment consisting of a PIPACK, Soft Links and an ultralight harness – weighing in from only 3.14 kg.