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Epsilon 6

Posted by on March 25th, 2011 with Comments Off on Epsilon 6

Demo wings in 25 size are available. Book here straight away for a test flight. The first feedback about the new model is very promising.

The first SIGMA 8 demo wings in the 25 size have been delivered to our dealers. Size 29 will follow at the end of March, the 27s at the beginning of April and the 23 the beginning of May. Here you will be able to find an on-going updated list of all available demo gliders, and you can book a test flight straight away online. Available test wings

Feedback about the new SIGMA 8 is fantastic! Here’s an email quote from a delirious ADVANCE dealer: “The glider is a miracle!!!”

When developing a paraglider we at ADVANCE concentrate mainly on flying qualities and handling, not just on certification. An approval rating can only give a limited indication of a paraglider’s behaviour in thermally active and turbulent air. Even so the new SIGMA 8 has the best approval rating ever achieved by a SIGMA. This fact especially pleases us and clearly confirms the progress being made in glider development. Sincere congratulations to our Development and Test team!

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