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Alu Carabiner Alias

This new harness carabiner is attractive because of its light weight, high strength and technical design; at only 58 gm it is the lightest within the Alu genre.

Its specific “Backbone” shape guarantees optimal stress transmission and load carrying capacity. In addition the carabiner’s marked doubled S-shaped curvature prevents it from turning sideways.

The Twistlock safety gate has proved itself as safe and very practical. In combination with the Key-Loc-Nose the ALIAS offers as comfortable handling as possible when clipping the risers in and out, and it cannot get stuck while being operated.

The extra large opening clearance of 12 mm makes it easy to thread and locate the carabiner in harness support loops. It accepts universal harness main supports of 20 mm to 40 mm.

Carabiner POWERFUL (Inox)

The Powerfly carabiner is approved by the DHV to be used with mono and tandem paragliders.

The Powerfly carabiner needs to be changed after 1,500 hours in flight. (500 hours for Parafly aluminium carabiners)

The carabiner must not be used and must be replaced if:

  • the gate will not close or secure itself on its own
  • there is evidence of damage (cracks, distortion etc) which indicates potential failures
  • the carabiner has been overheated or overloaded
  • the total flight time of 1,500 hours has been exceeded
Carabiner EASINESS

The EASINESS delivery includes this carabiner