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Why Advance?

There have been many changes in the Paragliding market in the last 20 years.

Manufactures have come in a blaze of glory, made bold statements, and have faded away.
Some have re-invented themselves on a number of occasions calling themselves something new just to add further confusion to the customers and market place.

Advance, are Swiss through and through, slow to evolve. Developing new products as and when there is proven new development. To their detriment they are slow bringing new products to the market. However, when they do the product is tried and tested and only when it is ready – and not before will it be released.

Yes sometimes a frustrating policy but over the last 22 years has proved to be invaluable building the brand and customer loyalty.

Rolf Zeitner, one of the founders of Advance once said; “because it’s new it’s not better”.